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Bryan Baeumler Bio, Battle On The Beach, Height, Age, Family, Spouse, Net Worth


Bryan Baeumler Biography

Bryan Baeumler is a Canadian in the hosting profession best known for his performance in Island of Bryan, Disaster DIY, and Renovation Inc. He will star in HGTV’s Battle On The Beach Sn 4 as a judge. The show premieres on HGTV on 4th June 2023. Previously, he worked as a handyman and businessman. Further, he is the CEO and president of Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc.

Photo of Bryan Baeumler
Photo of Baeumler

Bryan Baeumler Height

Baeumler stands at a rough height of 6 feet and 0 inches.

Bryan Baeumler Age

Baeumler is 50 years old. He was born on 18th April 1974 in Oakville, Canada.

Personal Life

Bryan Baeumler Family and Relatives

Baeumler’s father worked as an aircraft engineer. His mother is named Colleen. Further, his father was born on 9th December 1942 and is 81 years old. As a child, Baeumler spent his childhood summers as a constructor for his family’s cottage.

He opened his own handyman business and did odd jobs for neighbors when he was 14 years old. Regardless, he keeps away information regarding¬†his¬†family and relatives away from the public eye. However, we will update this information once it’s available to the public.

Bryan Baeumler Spouse and Children

Baeumler tied the knot with his wife, Sarah on 3rd September 2004. Together, they have 4 children, Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang, and Josephine Judith. The couple attended the same high school but began their relationship 10 years after graduating high school.

Their children were home-schooled when the pair initially renovated Caerula Mar Resort. Later, Quintyn joined a regional boarding school high school while the other three attended a nearby Bahamian school. Quintyn was born on 25th January 2005 and is 19 years old.

Charlotte was born on 30th April 2007 and is 17 years old. Lincoln was born on 17th December 2010 and is 13 years old. Josephine was born on 27th November 2012 and is 11 years old. Nonetheless, we will update this information when details regarding it are available to the public.

Bryan Baeumler Education

Baeumler joined the University of Western Ontario when he finished his high school education. After completing his studies in 1996, he received a Bachelor Of Arts degree in Political Science and Business.

Professional Life

Bryan Baeumler Net Worth

Baeumler has garnered a net worth ranging from $10 million to $25 million during his successful career as a TV host, businessman, and contractor.

Bryan Baeumler Career

From 1995 o 2003l, Baeumler ran an air-cargo business. Later, he worked as a builder and then founded his construction company, Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc. In 2011, he debuted a website dubbed Baeumler Approved. Baeumler Approved helps homeowners link with home service companies in Canada. Additionally, he serves as the spokesperson of HeyBryan since 2018. Also, he owns Baeumler Productions, Baeumler Media, and the Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids.

Bryan Baeumler Battle On The Beach

Baeumler stars in HGTV’s Battle On The Beach Sn 4 as a judge. The show premieres on HGTV on 4th June 2023. The show follows 3 adept teams on the beach as they revamp identical beachfront properties. Pennington alongside Sarah will judge the attempts of Alice Victoria, Ty Pennington, and Taniya Nayak, of stunning them with their revamps. Ty, Alice, and Nayak compete against each other and stand to win a cash prize of $50,000. The show 4th season stars 5 people counting Baeumler;

  • Sarah Baeumler as a judge
  • Ty Pennington as a competitor
  • Alison Victoria as a competitor
  • Taniya Nayak as a competitor

Bryan Baeumler Resort/ Caerula Mar Club

Baeumler and his wife, Sarah purchased an unused abandoned beachfront resort in South Andros, Bahamas in 2017 for $2 million. the pair then revamped the resort and changed it into a luxury resort dubbed Caerula Mar Club. In 2019, it opened with them serving as its manager and owner. Further, after Hurricane Dorian hit, the pair undertook actions for disaster relief. Reportedly, they received $ 10 million for the renovation of Caerula Mar Club.

Bryan Baeumler Shows

Baeumler has served as a host on a number of shows, counting Disaster DIY, Disaster DIY: Cottage Edition, Leave It to Bryan, House of Bryan, Bryan Inc., and The Island of Bryan. Alongside Mike Holmes and Scott McGillivray, he serves as a judge of HGTV’s Canada’s Handyman Challenge.

Disaster DIY

He worked as a host of HGTV’s Disaster DIY which ran from 2007 to 2011. The show follows “Do-It-Yourselfers” who undergo on-he job-training after failing to do their own home renovation within the Greater Toronto region.

House of Bryan

The show stars Baeumler’s entire nuclear family i.e., his wife, kids, and apprentice, Adam. They construct several homes that they reside in counting his country cottage, dream home, and forever home. It ran from 2010 to 2015 and became HGTV Canada’s highest-rated series.

Leave it to Bryan

Baeumler hosted Leave it to Bryan which ran from 2012 to 2017, and was put on hiatus. The show theorized that the most wanted renovations by a homeowner are not the ones most necessarily needed in the home.

Bryan Inc.

The show followed Baeumler and his wife as they purchase properties, revamp, and replace houses that they later sold for a profit. Following the success of Renovation Island, Bryan Inc. was as Renovation, Inc. for U.S. HGTV in 2020.

Island of Bryan

The show follows the Baumlers as they revamp an abandoned 50-year-old hotel in the Bahamas. Also, they lived in the resort while revamping it. Further, they received supplies per week and at times missed because of the remoteness of its location. In June 2020, the show was reconfigured as Renovation Island for its American audiences.

Upcoming Works

Renovation Resort

Baeumler helps Scott McGillivray revamp his newly bought lakeside resort in HGTV’s 7 episode-upcoming show, Renovation Resort. The show is set to premiere in Spring 2023. Further, it features 4 contractor-designer pairs who will revamp cabin-by-cabin with the winning cabin getting its respective team the grand prize. Both McGillivray and Baeumler will advise the pairs during their renovations.

Bryan Baeumler Social Media

Baeumler has active social media platforms i.e. Instagram. He has a following of over 304K on Instagram.