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Hunter LoNigro Bio, Too Hot To Handle, Height, Age, Family, Spouse, and Net Worth


Hunter LoNigro Biography

Hunter LoNigro is an American social media influencer who stars on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Sn 5 as a contestant. The show’s 5th season premiered on Netflix on July 14, 2023.

Photo of Hunter LoNigro
Photo of LoNigro

Hunter LoNigro Height

LoNigro stands at a rough height of 6 feet and 2 inches.

Hunter LoNigro Age

LoNigro is 25 years old. He was born on October 29, 1998.

Personal Life

Hunter LoNigro Family and Relatives

LoNigro keeps away information regarding his family and relatives away from the public eye. However, we will update this information once it’s available to the public.

Hunter LoNigro Spouse and Children

LoNigro is single as suggested by his appearance on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Sn 5. Nonetheless, we will update this information when details regarding it are available to the public.

Professional Life

Hunter LoNigro Net Worth

LoNigro has garnered a net worth ranging from $1 million to $6 million during his successful career as a TV personality and an influencer.

Hunter LoNigro Too Hot To Handle

LoNigro stars on Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Sn 5 as a contestant. The show’s 5th season premiered on Netflix on July 14, 2023. The show surrounds a group of adults who mostly have casual relationships and struggle to establish meaningful bonds.

They’re brought together in a house for a duration of four weeks, where they are guided by a virtual assistant dubbed “Lana,” whose appearance looks like that of a traffic cone. At first, the participants believe they are on a different reality show than the series itself.

However, their misconception is later clarified and they discover the true nature of the show. During their time in the house, the contestants must partake in a couple of workshops designed to encourage genuine connections. Further, they are given a strict set of rules that prohibits kissing, sexual contact, and self-gratification.

If they follow all the rules and do what they are supposed to, they stand a chance of winning the $200,000 grand prize. However, any time a contestant breaks one of these rules, the original grand prize is diminished. LoNigro stars alongside;

Hunter LoNigro Elys Hutchinson Break Rules

Following Lana’s rule revelation, LoNigro violated the rules by spending the first night with Hutchinson. The following morning, they slept together again, this time on the beach, resulting in a loss of $12,000 for the group at the beginning of the retreat.

Despite their physical attraction, LoNigro and Hutchinson struggled to engage in meaningful conversations beyond superficial topics. Consequently, when given the opportunity to choose a date, Hutchinson opted for Alex over LoNigro. She found Alex to be funnier and felt a stronger connection with him compared to LoNigro. This decision came as a significant disappointment to LoNigro, who expressed feeling hurt by the choice.

Hunter LoNigro Social Media

LoNigro has active social media platforms i.e. Instagram. He has a following of over 42.2K on his main Instagram account and 19.1K on his backup Instagram account. Further, he has a Youtube Channel that has over 223K subscribers.