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Sepideh Moafi Bio, Class Of 09, Height, Age, Family, Spouse, Net Worth


Sepideh Moafi Biography

Sepideh Moafi is an American of Iranian descent in the singing and acting profession best known for her roles in The L Word: Generation Q and The Deuce. She stars in the upcoming drama miniseries, Class Of 09 as Hour Nazari. The show premieres on FX on Hulu on 10th May 2023.

Photo of Sepideh Moafi
Photo of Moafi

Sepideh Moafi Height

Moafi stands at a rough height of 5 feet and 5½inches.

Sepideh Moafi Age

Moafi is 38 years old. She was born on 18th September 1985 in a refugee camp in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Personal Life

Sepideh Moafi Family and Relatives

Moafi was born o her Iranian parents, Soraya and Enayat Moafi, in a refugee camp in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. Before they had Moafi, they fled from Iran as a result of the Islamic Revolution. After leaving Iran, they lived in Turkey for two years before relocating to Germany.

In Germany, they pursued political asylum and professed refugee status. Later, the family earned visas to migrate to the U.S. When Moafi was a child, she studied opera and later got into musical theatre and jazz. At the age of 15, she began singing and earned a full scholarship to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Moafi has a sister named Setareh who co-owns, directs, and instructs Yoga at A Center for Natural Healing. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International & Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley.

Further, she has a Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches Institute College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also, she has a PhDClassical Chinese Medicine from the American University of Complementary Medicine.

For a year, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Additionally, she founded and directs Yoga of Los Altos in May 2003. In addition, Setareh is a licensed acupuncturist.

Sepideh Moafi Spouse and Children

Moafi manages to keep her marital and relationship status private. Nonetheless, we will update this information when details regarding it are available to the public. She has a puppy dubbed Simone de Beauvoir which she adopted in March 2019.

Sepideh Moafi Education

Moafi graduated from San Francisco Conservatory of Music in 2007. Further, she joined the University of California Irvine. While there, she studied acting and later graduated with a Master Of Fine Arts degree in 2013.

Professional Life

Sepideh Moafi Net Worth

Moafi has garnered a net worth ranging from $1 million to $6 million during his successful career as an actress and singer

Sepideh Moafi Career

Moafi stars in the drama miniseries, Class Of 09 as Hour Nazari. The show premieres on FX on Hulu on 10th May 2023. In 2013, she starred in the tenth episode of season four of CBS’s Blue Bloods as Aaliya Zaki. This was her first on-screen credit.

While shooing the 2nd season of The Deuce, she played the role of Dahna in the musical, Broadway One Thousand Nights and One Day, a musical off-Broadway. In 2018, she starred as Simms, NYPD detective Taka’s new partner, in season 2 of Falling Water.

Further, she starred alongside Clayne Crawford in The Killing of Two Lovers in 2020 as Niki, Clayne Crawford’s wife. She wrote a first-person revealing her experience as a refugee in 2019 and appeared on Girls Write Now as a special guest in 2021.

Additionally, she hosted a program dubbed “Belonging: From Refugee to Hollywood” in February 2021. An activist, she works to support the International Rescue Committee.

Sepideh Moafi Class Of 09

Moafi stars in the upcoming drama miniseries, Class Of 09 as Hour Nazari. Nzari is a Special Agent who specializes in data. Further, she is socially inept, struggles with her sexuality, and worries about her family’s likely reaction to her truth.

The show premieres on FX on Hulu on 10th May 2023. The film follows the FBI agents who reunite after the demise of a mutual friend. They graduated from Quantico in 2009. Moafi stars alongside her fellow actors and actresses;

  • Brian Tyree Henry playing the role of Tayo Miller
  • Kate Mara playing the role of Amy Poet
  • Raúl Castillo playing the role of Amos
  • Jake McDorman playing the role of Murphy
  • Jon Jon Briones playing the role of Gabriel
  • Sepideh Moafi playing the role of Hour
  • Brian J. Smith playing the role of Lennix
  • Rosalind Eleazar playing the role of Vivienne

Is Sepideh Moafi Gay(Lesbian)?

Rumors and speculations that Moafi is gay(Lesbian) might have surfaced as a result of the queer roles she plays in movies. Moafi manages to keep her marital and relationship status private. However, we will update this information once its details are publicly available.

Sepideh Moafi Name Pronunciation

Her name is Persian and is pronounced Seh-pea-deh Mo-ah-fee.

Sepideh Moafi Black Bird

In 2022, Moafi starred crime drama miniseries, Black Bird as Lauren McCauley. Lauren is an FBI agent working as the handler of Jimmy. She attended the show’s premiere event on 29th June 2022 at the Regency Bruin Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Notable Works

Sepideh Moafi -Notorious

In the crime and legal drama series, Notorious, Moafi starred as Megan Byrd, a junior producer and booker on the cable news, Louise Herrick Live. However, ABC canceled the show after one season.

Sepideh Moafi -The L Word: Generation Q

In 2019, she starred as Gigi Ghorbani on Showtime’s The L Word: Generation Q. The show shadows the lives of an LGBTQ group of friends who reside in Los Angeles, California. Initially, Gigi is introduced as the ex-wife of Natalie “Nat” Bailey who is dating Alice Pieszecki and the co-mother of their children.

In the show’s 1s season, Gigi was in a polyamorous relationship with Alice and Nat. In Sn 2, Gigi explored romantic relations with Bette Porter and Dani Núñez. Fans received her character well and she quickly became a fan favorite among the cast.

Sepideh Moafi -The Deuce

Moafi starred as Loretta in HBO’s drama series, The Deuce from 2017 to 2019 as Loretta. Loretta is a sex worker working for Larry Brown who later becomes an anti-pornography activist, The film follows the story of the Golden Age of Porn, its legalization, and its increase in New York City beginning in the 70s.

Subsequently, she got a lead role in Notorious. David, one of the shows met her for coffee to explain what the show was about and her character’s arc. This was before the filming of the show’s pilot episode.

She wrote a letter to the executive producers in hopes that they’ll let her star in the film even though she was leading in Notorious. Fortunately, they agreed and worked around her schedule. However, while The Deuce was being filmed in New York, Notorious was filmed in Los Angeles.

Due to scheduling difficulties, her character’s arc changed from the initial plan. After the cancellation of Notorious, she recurred her role as Loretta. Thus her character became a regular in the series 3rd season. Prior to this, Loretta was a recurring character in the series’s 1st and 2nd seasons.

For her role, Moafi researched the history of New York by reading books like Pimp and Sex Workers’ Memoirs. Also, she studied vintage porn to assist her in understanding the historical context that the show was set in. Due to the influence of the film, her view and relationship with the porn industry changed.

Sepideh Moafi Other Films and TV Shows

During her career, Moafi has starred in a number of films and TV shows such as;

  • Violet is Single(2010)
  • Blue Bloods(2013)
  • Unforgettable(2014)
  • The Good Wife(2014)
  • The Blacklist(2015)
  • Elementary(2016)
  • Quest: The Truth Always Rises(2017)
  • The Arrangements(2018)
  • The Killing of Two Lovers(2020)

Sepideh Moafi Social Media

Moafi has active social media platforms i.e. Twitter, or Instagram. She has a following of 218K on Instagram and a following of 28.1K on Twitter.