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Elizabeth Tabish Bio, The Shift, Height, Age, Family, Spouse, The Chosen, Religion, and Net Worth


Elizabeth Tabish Biography

Elizabeth Tabish is an American actress and filmmaker appearing in the sci-fi film, The Shift in the role of Molly Garner. The Shift premiered on December 1, 2023. She is best known for her portrayal of Mary Magdalene in The Chosen.

Photo of Elizabeth Tabish
Tabish’s photo

Tabish has directed a couple of awarded independent films that concentrate on the exploration of female archetypes. Further, co-created Maenad Productions as well as co-owns and works as the art director of the Austin Arthouse Film Festival. 

Elizabeth Tabish Height

Tabish stands at a rough height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

Elizabeth Tabish Age

Tabish is 37 years old. She was born in 1987 but keeps his birthdate away from the limelight. Thus, it is not when she celebrates her birthday. Nonetheless, we will update this information once available.

Personal Life

Elizabeth Tabish Family and Relatives

Tabish seems to have a close relationship with her mother as suggested by the various pictures she posts of her mother on her Instagram account. Even so, she keeps information regarding her family and relatives away from the public eye. However, we will update this information once it’s available to the public.

Elizabeth Tabish Spouse and Children

Tabish tied the knot with Stan Mayer. Mayer works as a playwright and has served in the Marines. He enjoys traveling, painting, and writing short stories. They reside in Cleveland. Stan celebrates his birthday every September 21st. On September 21, 2022, Tabish posted a picture of her and him on her Instagram account and wished him a happy birthday. In August 2023, they renewed their vows as suggested by her Instagram post on August 27, 2023. On April 3, 2023, she wished Stan a happy anniversary.

Elizabeth Tabish Education

Tabish studied at Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor Of Arts degree in Screen Studies when she finished her studies. She furthered her education at the institution and received a Master Of Arts degree in Theater.

She said that she enjoyed the freedom and support she received during her time in college. With diverse interests that didn’t always neatly fit into a specific program, her professors and advisors proved exceptionally supportive, allowing her to delve into multidisciplinary projects tailored to her aspirations as an artist.

While she acknowledges that artists must navigate their unique paths, methods, and styles independently, she emphasizes the importance of understanding the “why” behind artistic endeavors—the reasons for creating art and living as an artist.

Professional Life

Elizabeth Tabish Net Worth

Tabish has garnered a net worth ranging from $1 million to $6 million during his successful career as an actress and filmmaker.

Elizabeth Tabish Ethnicity/Nationality

Tabish is an American citizen.

Elizabeth Tabish Religion/Is She Catholic?

Tabish, a Christian with a Catholic upbringing, disclosed her positive experiences growing up within the Catholic faith. However, as an adult, she developed a sense of mistrust towards the religion, having observed insincerities in some practitioners. This led to feelings of isolation, as she struggled to articulate her concerns prior to joining the cast of The Chosen.

According to Tabish, her role in the production played a pivotal role in helping her reconnect with the essence of her personal relationship with Jesus. Furthermore, she shared that her faith in both God and humanity underwent a significant transformation when she realized that God was present with her, utilizing her conditions even in the darker and sadder aspects of life.

Elizabeth Tabish Depressed

Before securing the role of Mary Magdalene in The Chosen, Tabish worked as a commercial actor living in Texas. During that period, she faced financial challenges, causing her enthusiasm for acting to diminish. Additionally, she shared that she experienced depression and had to live with her mother due to the insufficient income from commercial gigs. Moreover, she revealed that she was suffering from chronic back pain, struggled to get out of bed, and was physically and emotionally tired.

Tabish found the commercial acting work ironic, as she typically portrayed a stable and content wife and mother with a perpetual smile—a stark contrast to her own struggles. Feeling trapped in a cycle of despair, she contemplated abandoning her acting career and instructed her agent to cease booking gigs. Against her wishes, her agent submitted her for the role of Mary Magdalene, a character Tabish found a deep connection with upon reading the script. She even likened her life before and after securing the role to the transformation from a life before and after encountering Jesus.

Movies and TV Shows

Elizabeth Tabish The Chosen

Tabish played the role of Mary Magdalene in the Christian historical drama TV series, The Chosen. Magdalene is a woman who was previously possessed by demons from Magdala. She now follows Jesus and witnessed His crucifixion and resurrection.

Before securing the role of Mary Magdalene in The Chosen, Tabish worked as a commercial actor living in Texas. During that period, she faced financial challenges, causing her enthusiasm for acting to diminish. She said the role helped her to rediscover the nature of her personal relationship with Jesus.

Elizabeth Tabish The Shift

Tabish will appear in the sci-fi film, The Shift in the lead role as Molly Garner. The Shift premieres December 1, 2023. The film’s narrative revolves around Kevin, placed in a dystopian setting, where he encounters a mysterious figure named “The Benefactor.” The Benefactor presents him with challenges as Kevin strives to shift realities and reunite with the woman he loves. In the film, she will star alongside her fellow actors and actresses including;

Elizabeth Tabish Other Films and TV Shows

During her career, Tabish has starred in a number of films and TV shows such as

  • Who Will Rememeber
  • The Erased
  • The Lying Game
  • Revolution
  • God Is Bad At Bowling
  • Portal
  • Freedom On Trial
  • The Lizard’s Tail
  • 7 Makes Gold
  • The Bureau
  • The Son
  • One Willing Servant
  • The Method of Places
  • Honor Among Thieves
  • Panic

Elizabeth Tabish Social Media(Instagram)

Tabish has active social media platforms i.e. Instagram. She has a following of over 169K on Instagram.