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Miah Madden Bio, The Clearing, Height, Age, Family, Spouse, Net Worth


Miah Madden Biography

Miah Grace Madden is an Australian in the acting profession who stars in the upcoming psychological thriller series, The Clearing as Max Dhurrkay. The series premieres on 24th May 2023 on Disney+ and Hulu.

Photo of Miah Madden
Photo of Madden

Miah Madden Height

Madden stands at a rough height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Miah Madden Age

Madden is 22 years old. She was born on 9th April 2002 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Personal Life

Miah Madden Family and Relatives

Madden was born to Lee Madden and Belinda Kirkpatrick. Her father, Lee was a Gadigal man with some Bundjalung ancestry. He served as an art curator. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2003 as a result of a car accident. At the time, Madden was two, and her mother was expecting their child, Ruby. Additionally, they have an older half-sister named Madeleine Madden.

Madeleine is also an actress who achieved fame for her role as Egwene al’Vere in Amazon Prime’s series, The Wheel of Time. They are siblings born of the same father but different mothers. Madeleine’s mother is named Hetti Perkins who works as an art curator and writer. However, we will update this information once it’s publicly available.

Miah Madden Spouse and Children

Madden manages to keep his marital and relationship status private. Nonetheless, we will update this information when details regarding it are available to the public.

Miah Madden Education

Madden attended St Catherine’s School, Waverley.

Professional Life

Miah Madden Net Worth

Madden has garnered a net worth ranging from $1 million to $6 million during his successful career as an actress.

Miah Madden Career

Madden stars in the upcoming psychological thriller series, The Clearing as Max Dhurrkay. The series premieres on 24th May 2023 on Disney+ and Hulu. She began her career as a child actress in the films m The Sapphires and ABC’s The Gods of Wheat Street.

On a side note, she started her acting career in 2012 at the age of 10. In 2012, she starred as the younger version of Julie in The Sapphires. Also, she recurred her role in the music video for “Never Be the Same.” Further, she got her initial role in ABC’s The Gods of Wheat Street as Athena Freeburn.

In 2017, she starred in the film, Australia Day. Additionally, she appeared in NITV’s Little J & Big Cuz in 2018. Moreover, she starred as Kymara in ABC’s The Unlisted in 2019. From 2020 to 2021, she starred as Kite in 9Go!’s The Gamers.

During the 3rd season of Nickeldeon’s Crash the Bash, she worked as a host. Also, she played the recurring role of Jas in ABC’s Mustangs FC. In 2021, she starred as Maddie in 10 Shake’s teen series, Dive Club. Madden works under the agency Linsten Management and Echo Lake Entertainment.

Miah Madden The Clearing

Madden stars in the upcoming psychological thriller series, The Clearing as Max Dhurrkay. The series premieres on 24th May 2023 on Disney+ and Hulu. Inspired by the sordid story of a real-life cult(The Family) with a female leader, the film follows a woman forced to face the past to prevent a cult from abducting children. Madden will star alongside his fellow actors and actresses

  • Miranda Otto
  • Teressa Palmer
  • Gary Sweet
  • Doris Younane
  • Erroll Shand
  • Harry Greenwood
  • Julia Savage
  • Mark Coles Smith
  • Anna Lise Phillips
  • Hazem Shammas
  • Guy Pearce
  • Kate Mulvany
  • Xavier Samuel
  • Claudia Karvan

Miah Madden The Sapphires

In 2012, Madden starred as the younger version of Julie in the musical comedy-drama film, The Sapphires. Julie is the younger sister of Gail and Cynthia who is discovered by a talent scout alongside her sisters and Kay. They create a group dubbed The Sapphires and go o Vietnam in 1986 to sing for soldiers during the war.

Miah Madden The Bureau of Magical Things

In 2021, Madden starred in the recurring role of Tayla Devlin in the 2nd season of Nickeldeon’s The Bureau of Magical Things. Devlin is a peculiar fairy and a new student at River City High School who works at the Gangway cafĂ©.

Miah Madden Ethnicity

Madden is an Aboriginal of a clan of the Eora Nation, Gadigal, and Bundjalung ancestry.

Upcoming Works

Paper Dolls

Madden is set to star in the drama and music film, Paper Dolls as Charlie Levett. The film follows 5 aspiring singers who pursue pop stardom and fame.

Miah Madden Other Films and TV Shows

During her career, Madden has starred in a number of films and TV shows such as

  • Redfern Now(2013)
  • The Darkside()
  • The Moodys(2014)
  • Australia Day(2017)
  • Little J & Big Cuz(2018)
  • Mustangs FC(2019)
  • The Unlisted(2019)
  • The Gamers 2037(2021)
  • Dive Club(2021)

Miah Madden Social Media

Madden has active social media platforms i.e. Twitter and Instagram. She has a following of 402 on Twitter and a following of 26.6K on Instagram.